What basic sewing machine embroidery stitches can you find already on your machine?  In some machines, these types of stitches are also known as decorative stitches.  Most machines come with a series of these stitches, on my machine I’m fortunate to have many more than I thought.

I am the proud owner of a Bernina 350 patchwork Edition, a product that is no longer available as I just found out today as I am writing this post.  Am I going to be buying a newer model?  The tingle and excitement of a new sewing machine are beginning to brew in my mind.  It has been two years since I got my Bernina 350, and I think the honeymoon is over. 

But, do I really know my sewing machine? Today I took a random look at the stitching card and I realized I have never taken the time to see how the stitches look in real life.  In fact, the protective plastic film was still attached to it, that’s how little I’ve used it.

 basic sewing machine embroidery stitches

The film is still on the display screen as well, and frankly, I feel a little ashamed… How could I even think of getting a new machine if mine still has not even been unwrapped properly?

This reminds me of people in my country who drive their car for months with the factory plastic covers still stuck onto their seats so that the car will look just a little newer for a longer time. In my case, it is pure neglect. I have been very busy these the last two years.

 basic sewing machine embroidery stitches
 basic sewing machine embroidery stitches

So what basic sewing machine embroidery stitches are actually in my machine?

I found a total of 85 basic sewing machine embroidery stitches. Some of them are so beautiful my mind started racing to come up with many different ways to use them.

Fabric borders are perhaps the best way to use this stitches.

 basic sewing machine embroidery stitches

Repeating a pattern in rows can even change the texture and look of a fabric creating a unique fabric print.

Here I’ve done them on a contrasting color so you can see the different basic sewing machine embroidery stitches this Bernina has.

 basic sewing machine embroidery stitches

I have to say I am surprised that this little machine has so many stitches, the possibilities are endless.

The question now is: Do I really need a new sewing machine?

No, I do not need another sewing machine, (sadly..) This Bernina has everything I need from a basic sewing machine. Sure the embroidery stitches cannot be made bigger, but for making borders and decorations they are perfect. I am still amazed that after so many years of sewing, and so many machines later, that this is the first time that I’ve really explored this function fully on my machine. Have you checked yours yet?

New to sewing? Please check the most basic sewing stitches here.

 basic sewing machine embroidery stitches

Join me next time when we’ll be exploring the subject a bit further, combining stitches and other materials to make borders for your fabric. 

In the comments below, let me know how many stitches can you find on your sewing machine and if you have had a chance to use them. Until next time, Happy Sewing!

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