Winter is coming… And along with the season is the need to look stylish while keeping warm. The turtleneck has been a mainstay of fashion for a long time, with the simple addition of fabric giving the wearer a surprising amount of warmth while providing a unique look and profile.

This Turtleneck Dress Pattern is for someone looking for an elegant look and all the benefits of the turtleneck but without the effort of making an overly-elaborate dress.

The dress fits close to the body, to skim your silhouette while not being too tight. This means the dress can be easily paired with additional outwear as needed.

The turtleneck itself keeps you surprisingly warm for such a small addition. This is due to the fabric covering the large and important carotid artery, through which the entirety of your body’s blood supply passes at high pressure. If you are super cold, layering a scarf on top of the turtleneck will provide an excellent amount of insulation.

Of course, any cold-weather garment should have long sleeves for extra warmth and the whole piece is long enough to be paired with high boots or booties for a more fashionable look.


  • 1 1/2 to 2 yards of stretch velvet
  • thread to match


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Sewing Skill: Confident Beginner

This project is suitable for confident beginners or intermediates. The shapes are simple and elegant. However, due to its figure-fitting nature, you may have to make extra adjustments to your particular body shape.

Take note that there is no seam allowance included with the pattern. I recommend a 3/8″ seam allowance.

Body Measurements

Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Bust 32-34 34-36 37-39 41-43 45-47 49-51
Waste 24 27 30 33 38 41
Hips 33 37 40 43 48 52

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Turtleneck Dress Pattern Layout

turtleneck dress pattern

How To Make Your Turtleneck Dress

Please remember that there is no seam allowance included with the pattern. I recommend a 3/8″ seam allowance.

We will start sewing at the shoulders.

Step One:  Sewing The Bodice

Align the front and back of the dress print side facing each other.

Sew the shoulders (1) using a serger with four threads or your sewing machine using a small three steps zigzag.

Turtleneck Dress Pattern

Sew the side of the dress. Make a slit on the left of the dress.

Serge the sides of the dress separately from the hem to the end of the slit, then join the dress matching the slits and serge from the armhole to the slit.

Serge the other side of the dress from the armhole to the hem.

Step Three: Attaching The Sleeve

Sew along the arm (1) using a 3-step zigzag or your serger.

Attach the sleeve to the bodice (2), ensuring you attach the back of the sleeve to the back of the dress. There is a small notch on the sleeve to let you know what side is the front of the sleeve.

Turtleneck Dress pattern

Step Three: Making The Collar

Measure the opening of the neckline and subtract 2″ from the measurement.

Turtleneck Dress Pattern

On a piece of paper, draw a rectangle that is the length of the measurement you got above with a height of six inches and three-quarter inches (17 cm).

If you want a certain height for your turtle neck you can increase or decrease this measurement here. Everyone’s neck can be slightly different so don’t be afraid of measuring yourself to make sure you’ll be happy.

Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise. Sew forming a band.

Fold the band from top to bottom. Mark the band in four places.

Turtleneck Dress Pattern

Align the stitching line of the neckband to the back of the dress.

Align the other three marks with the corresponding parts of the neckline.

Turtleneck Dress Pattern

Step Four: Finishing Your Dress

All we need now is to hem the bodice and the sleeve. Use your serger or your cover stitch. If you do not have either, turn the hem and use any of the stretchable stitches in your sewing machine.

Turn and sew the hem first.

Turn the slit and sew.

I’m first going to try and pair this dress with some boots and a warm vest. Let me know in the comments below what look you’ll be going for.

Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the curve and piece together a stylish and robust fall and winter wardrobe. Look forward to more easy and fun projects like this turtleneck dress pattern. Until Next Time, Happy Sewing!

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