Do you know this secret thread spool trick to keep your thread from unwinding?

A thread cap secret not everyone knows - the cap comes off on this type of spool

Hey y’all, today I’m sharing a simple sewing tip – a trick involving the thread cap of some spools of sewing thread. This quick sewing tip is specific to this type of spool. And if you have problems with your thread unwinding and getting tangled, this tip will help.

To see a super quick demonstration of this thread cap tip, watch the video below or on YouTube here.

So what is it? I learned when I wrote this post all about sewing thread that many people don’t know that the cap on this type of thread spool pulls off! This is useful both as a secret storage place for sewing needles and a way to control your thread.

Store needles with your thread using this tip

To keep your thread neat, push the top almost all the way in. Next, wrap the thread end around the core. Push the top into the spool to hold the thread securely.

Using a spool cap to keep your thread from unwinding

The type of spool shown below does not have a removable top. However, the top does pull up, and you can still use it to hold your thread and keep it from getting tangled. Pry the top up at the seam, then wrap thread around and pop the top back down into place.

Use this feature on your thread spool to hold the thread

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