One of our most popular giveaways ever, the Singer Professional Serger Giveaway, ended earlier this week.  There were more than 25,000 entries so the participation was really fantastic!

Melanie T. from Gardendale, AL, was the lucky winner.  (Congratulations again, Melanie!) She should be receiving her new Singer serger shortly and we look forward to hearing how she goes with it.

I really, really wish everyone could have won but we only had one machine to give away. (Please keep an eye out for future giveaways and join our mailing list if you’d like us to keep you updated.)

Like we have done with nearly all our prior giveaways, to say thank you to everyone for participating and as a bit of a surprise consolation prize, we have decided to give away one of our very popular top patterns for the Lilly Shift Dress Pattern which is sold normally for $6.95, absolutely FREE.

I chose this pattern because this is a simple, easy, and stylish garment that almost anyone can make!

But please act today, this gift is only available for the next 24 hours!

Sew your own designer dress using the simple Lilly Shift Dress pattern. Ideas for designer style embellishments.

This pattern easy to follow and it has been widely reviewed by our pattern testers. You can find many examples of their lovely work in the full post linked below.

Be sure to check them out!

Bernina Funlock

Full Post and Download HERE

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