Stock up on these supplies while they’re on sale to use them in your sewing room!

School supplies to use for sewing

 It’s that time of year again – the school supplies are on sale, and the former teacher in me can’t help but pick up a few more things than what is on my kids’ school supply lists. BUT I have a good excuse! One of the things I learned from years teaching sewing at a high school is that regular school supplies are often great sewing supplies too.

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I made a video of my top 5 most used school supplies for sewing, which you can watch below or on YouTube here. Not only do I show the supplies, I share how I use them!

How I Use School Supplies for Sewing

Here’s a list of a lot of the school supplies I use.

  • Washable markers and Frixion pens
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Erasers
  • Hole punches and ring binders
  • Washable Glue Sticks
  • Binder clips
  • Compass
  • Protractor, rulers

First – washable markers. These work pretty well to mark fabric and wash out. And in a pinch, hand them over to a kid and buy yourself some time to finish a project.

Washable markers to mark fabric - school supplies for sewing

Mechanical pencils. I go through these like crazy for drafting, list making, tracing patterns…

Mechanical pencils - school supplies for sewing

Hole punch and binder rings – these are great for hanging pattern storage. You can also use them to organize swatches to take to the fabric store so they don’t get crumpled and lost in the bottom of your purse.

Erasers, binder rings and hole punch - school supplies for sewing

Erasers. Besides using the for drafting, you can carve them into stamps for fabric printing.

Glue Sticks. For gluing PDF patterns. Or temporarily holding fabric together. If you get the washable kind, you can even sew with it in place instead of pinning. Though I wouldn’t do that with expensive fabric.

Glue sticks and binder clips - school supplies for sewing

Binder clips. Also good for hanging pattern storage.  And holding leather or vinyl together, or any other fabric that can’t be pinned.

Compass. Useful for adding seam allowances. And making circles.

Compass and protractor - supplies for sewing

You can use a protractor to draft curves. I looked for (but couldn’t find) a clear plastic ruler – these are useful in all kinds of ways in drafting, as are flexible bending rulers.

And finally – posterboard. This works great instead of tagboard for slopers, and also works nicely as a photo backdrop for blog tutorial photos. Sometimes propped up against your laptop to act as a standing backdrop, too.

Posterboard photo backdrop - school supplies for sewing

So there you have it – a whole bunch of school supplies for sewing – now go stock up! For more ideas to use household items as sewing notions, check out this post.

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