salvage damaged clothing

Getting rid of clothing may be hard to do when the garment is fairly new or it’s an article of clothing you really like.  Sometimes it takes time and luck to find clothing that looks fantastic on you and fits well so you may really want to avoid throwing it away. With a little creativity and some basic sewing knowledge, you can salvage damaged clothing and even enhance the way your clothes look.  Use these sewing tips to get you started and back into the clothes you’d rather not throw away.

Salvage Damaged Clothing

Small Holes

Sometimes a small hole in an article of clothing can suddenly appear without you ever knowing how, or why, it got there.  Often, a tiny hole in a garment is barely visible, but a hole barely there is still a hole that can detract from the appearance of a blouse or a pair of slacks.  To cover the open area and add some glitz to the garment at the same time, apply a spot of fabric glue to the back of a rhinestone and glue the shiny stone over the hole.  Rhinestones look fabulous on satin and on denim jeans.  After gluing the rhinestone in place, add additional rhinestones to the garment to create a design, if you like.

Large Holes

Cutting pants at or above the knee with a pair of scissors can easily eliminate large holes that appear in the bottom area of the pants.  After removing the damaged area, you can then hem the pants. Consider trimming the pants with a piece of decorative trim while you’re at it.  Although the pants will be shorter, you will still be able to wear them.

salvage damaged clothing

Frayed Sleeves

If the edges of the sleeves on a long-sleeved shirt are no longer fit to be worn, make the sleeves shorter to eliminate the unsightly frayed edges.  Hem the edge of the altered sleeves to create a clean finish.  Wear the shirt under a sweater if you prefer long sleeves.

salvage damaged clothing

Stains and Worn Out Areas

Depending on where the stained or worn-out area is located, sewing an appliqué over the damaged area can be an excellent way to make a garment wearable again.  Position your appliqué directly over the stained or worn-out area and sew the appliqué on with a needle and thread that matches the edges of the appliqué.  Note that some appliqués can be sewn on while others can be applied using a warm iron.  Shop for the appliqué that best suits your needs and desires.

For a complete tutorial on How to Make An Appliqué, please check out this link.

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