A zippered pillow cover will make your life a whole lot easier. Here’s how to add a zipper to existing cushions so you can wash them.

How to add a zipper to make a Cushion Cover with Zipper

Hey y’all, today I’m going to show you how to make a couch cushion cover with a zipper from existing sofa cushions without zippers. Adding zippers completely upgraded the cushions from my patio couch because now I can wash them in the washing machine instead of just spot cleaning. And with construction going on across the street from our backyard, we’ve had a lot of dirt blowing onto our patio, so that washing has been much needed!

A DIY patio couch

I actually did this several months ago (and I can’t believe how long my hair has grown since!) and shot a video at the time which I just now got around to editing and sharing. But hey, this post is just in time for outdoor summer gatherings. You can watch that below or on YouTube here. There is also a written tutorial of how to sew zippered couch cushions below the video.

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Supplies and Materials I Used for Zippered Cushions

Here are the supplies, besides my sewing machine and thread, that I used in this project.

It’s important to note that I was only able to do this to my existing cushions without adding extra fabric because the seam allowance for the sides of the cushions was big enough. And unfortunately you can’t know what your seam allowance is until you seam rip. So if matching fabric would be hard to come by, I suggest seam ripping the seam on the side of the cushion first to check seam allowances. You can always use a hand sewn ladder stitch to close your cushion back up if you open it and discover that you don’t have much of a seam allowance to work with. In my case they had left over an inch in the seam allowance here, so I had plenty to be able to cut the fabric and add the zipper.

How to Sew Zippered Couch Cushions

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