hat-making tips

Hats have been around for a long time and they are very useful to us –as well as a great fashion accessory. They can be used both in hot or cold weather since there are hats made for the summer season and there are also hats for spring as well as winter.

These days, many sewists are making their own hats either sewing by hand or with a sewing machine which is exciting since you can make your very own hat at home!  With your own choice of fabric and design, you can start wearing fashion on your head!

I’ve wanted to try hat-making for a long time so I put together some handy hat-making tips and tricks to get started and as usual, I’d like to share these with you.  It seems relatively easy and if many readers are interested in making hats, we’ll add some hat-making patterns and projects.

Hat-making Tips

To make a hat, you must make these three basic parts: crown, sideband, and brim. Below are some helpful tips on making each part of your hat and other useful tips in developing your hat-making a success.

Tip One

When making the crown, measure your head and add half an inch.

hat-making tips

By adding this extra measurement, you are sure that the hat will fit you even after adding the seams of the brim.

Tip Two

Next thing you have to do is add the sideband.

hat-making tips

It depends on the height you want the sideband to be. If you want to wear your hat deeper, you will make a longer sideband. Of course, measuring it correctly is key.

Tip Three

After making those two parts, you are set to make the last part: the hat brim.

hat-making tips

There are many designs and styles for hat brims. Some like their brim wide, some like it thin, some also like their brim to have pretty waves in them. However you want your hat brim to be, always remember to add a seam allowance to the brim’s internal part when cutting out from your pattern.

Tip Four

Make sure to sew the hat’s lining, the wrong sides together. This is often forgotten, especially those who do it for the first time. By sewing the wrong side of the lining together, you will see the clean side of the finished product.

Tip Five

Always remember to do a top stitch around the side band’s bottom and the brim to hold the parts together.

This will make your hat look neater and sturdier, thus it can be used for a longer period of time.

Tip Six

Don’t be afraid to add some bling or other tasteful sewing embellishments to your hat. You can put sequins, faux flowers, or patches to make them more attractive and personalized.

I hope these tips will help you in making your very own hat. Pick your favorite colors so you will be wearing them with your chin up!

Would you like to see some future projects and patterns about sewing and making hats?  Please let me know in the comments below.  I really do use these comments to prioritize future projects.

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