Witch Hat Pattern

Halloween is just around the corner and this year I’m determined to scare the living daylights out of my neighbor’s kids (all in good fun, of course..).  For this, I’m definitely going to need a Halloween witch hat pattern.

I haven’t really participated much in Halloween since my kids stopped trick or treating.  But this year, I think I’ll get back in the spirit and decorate my porch as a cemetery.  Five or six headstones should probably do just the trick.

Add to that some dry ice, a scary Halloween witch hat, and a cape.  With my rollerblades on, the kids won’t be able to see my feet and with the smoke of the dry ice, they’ll think I am floating or worse flying!

It will be terrifying for the little ones since I’ll put Halloween background music on very loud.  I’m sure even my dog will go into hiding.

witch hat pattern

My first project will be the Halloween witch hat pattern.  I’ll work on the cape and other props and share with you later.

witch hat pattern


witch hat pattern


Fabric Recommendations

I didn’t have black felt in my stash, unfortunately, so I used white instead and had to line the hat.  So if you have the same materials just cut the lining in black.

witch hat pattern

Download the pattern

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How to print the pattern

As with all of our patterns, you will need Adobe Reader to print this pattern which is free to download from Adobe.  Print on Landscape Mode and Actual Size.

How to use this Witch Hat Pattern

I have provided you with three variations of this hat, but they all fit an adult woman’s head of 22-23″ diameter.  The brim and the crown can be made small, medium, and large depending on the look you want.

Cut all your pieces on the fabric you will use. 

Fuse the interfacing or felt to the crown and the brim. 

witch hat pattern
witch hat pattern

I have given you a suggested list of materials but you should feel free to explore with other fabrics that do not need a stabilizer.

Step One: Sew the crown

Fold the crown print sides together.  Use a 3/8″ seam allowance.

witch hat pattern

Turn the crown right side out.

Step Two: Sew the brim to the crown

Pin the crown to the brim and sew at 3/8″.  Repeat these two steps if you are using lining.  At this point, you’re going to have one have of the fashion fabric and one hat of lining.

witch hat pattern

You will find you will need to make notches every 1 to 1.5″ on the brim to fit the crown.  This is because I am using felt, but with the lining, this is not necessary. 

witch hat pattern

Here’s the lining.

witch hat pattern

Step Three: Add the lining and add the wire to support the brim

Thread the needle and pass the needle through the right side of the crown to the point of the lining.

witch hat pattern

Make sure the right side of the lining is showing on the inside of the hat. 

witch hat pattern

Pass the needle this time through the inside of the hat to the point.  Joining the lining and the outside hat.  Pass the needle and make a knot.

witch hat pattern

Measure around the brim and cut the wire to the exact measurement.  Squeeze the middle of the tube bead to separate the two ends.

witch hat pattern

Insert the end of the wire inside the tube bead and then do the same on the other side with the other end of the wire. 

witch hat pattern
witch hat pattern

Wrap the tube bead with a little bit of masking tape while you do the next step.  Remove the masking tape before sewing since the tape will make it too bulky for the sequins foot to pass over.

Using a normal needle and thread, use a running stitch to attach the wire to the brim no further than 1/8″ from the edge. 

witch hat pattern
witch hat pattern

This will make it easier to sew the bias tape later.

Step Four: Attach the bias tape

Pin the bias tape around the brim, making sure to have the edge of the brim and the wire in the middle of the tape. 

witch hat pattern

Using the sequins foot, sew the bias tape down. 

witch hat pattern

I have provided you with three different sizes for this Halloween witch hat pattern.   I chose to make the large one for myself which means it has a large crown and brim. I think this looks a little more spooky but you can try the smaller sizes if you wish to be less scary..

witch hat pattern

I will be sharing the cape to go with this witch hat pattern in the next few days.

For my own Halloween display, I might even make a large pot with paper mache to pretend I am cooking some children inside — Well, maybe not, that could be pushing it a bit too far.

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