A simple trick to keep your fabric from getting stuck in the hole of your needle plate

A simple trick to keep your fabric from getting stuck in your needle plate

Hey y’all, today I’m sharing a really simple tip to help you if your fabric is getting stuck in your sewing machine. This sometimes happens at the beginning of a seam. The edge of the fabric sometimes gets sucked into the hole of the needle plate when you start a seam. If this is happening to you, there’s a really easy fix.

Watch the video below or on YouTube here to see how to keep your fabric out of your sewing machine.

Follow these steps to keep your fabric from getting sucked into your needle plate and stuck:

  1. Hold the needle thread while you hand crank the flywheel toward you one time. This will grab the bobbin thread and bring it up through the hole in the needle plate.
  2. Use scissors to sweep under the presser foot and grab the bobbin thread.
  3. Hold both threads to the back of the presser foot and pull slightly as you begin stitching.
Holding threads at presser foot to pull up bobbin thread
How to keep fabric from getting stuck in a sewing machine

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