crossover baby bib pattern

The Baby Showers are fast approaching and I’m sewing madly to get the bundles together. Today, I’m making bibs. Not the most glamorous of items, but an everyday essential and no one wants a grotty one when you can have a really nice homemade one instead.

I’ve tried several styles, and depending on time might share some of the others later, but here is the crossover style that I’ve been making in batches today.

It has a cross over front with the option to have two different fabrics, plus, it’s fully reversible so you can have another two different fabrics on the back if you want to. The perfect way to use up 4 smaller leftover pieces of fabric from other projects.

crossover baby bib pattern

With the 4 layers of fabric, this is going to be long-lasting, hard-wearing in the wash time after time and won’t be likely to leak mess through to any nice clothes underneath.

Materials list (to make 1 bib finished size approx 7.75 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall):

  • 4 pieces of fabric 9 inches tall by 8 inches wide
  • Bias tape – about 2 yards
  • Pattern download (see box below)

Download the Crossover Baby Bib Pattern

You can download the pattern and instructions for the Crossover Baby Bib from my design account at Payhip.  It’s a PDF file containing both instructions and pattern pieces all in the same file.  Enjoy!

How to make up the crossover baby bib pattern

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Step by step

Layer up your fabrics first of all as follows:

  1. reverse contrast fabric – face down
  2. reverse main fabric – face up
  3. front contrast fabric – face down
  4. front main fabric – face up

Now we can cut all of the pieces at once and save some time and make sure we have them cut out correctly.  I’m using a rotary cutter but you could just pin your pattern piece through all the layers and cut with scissors too.

crossover baby bib pattern

Match up the pieces of fabric with wrong sides together.  You’ll have two that ‘point’ one way and two that point the opposite way (assuming you cut them correctly.)

Add a few pins to keep them together without shifting.

crossover baby bib pattern

Add bias tape along the top edge until you get to the marked area on the pattern piece.  Depending on how experienced you are in working with bias tape for edging, you could use one of two methods.

  1. The same for each.  Sew with a straight stitch along the first fold of the tape, keeping the raw edge of the tape level with the raw edge of the bib pieces.  Trim the ends.
  2. More experienced method – fold tape to the reverse side, pin and then stitch in the ditch from the front, catching the edge evenly on the reverse side – OR –
  3. Easier method – fold the tape to the reverse side, pin in place and then stitch with a zig zag stitch or decorative stitch through all layers to make sure to catch both sides.
crossover baby bib pattern

Repeat the bias tape trim to both pieces.

Layer one piece on top of the other and open the points at the top until you get the shape you are looking for.  Pop some pins through all layers to keep them still.

crossover baby bib pattern

Take your remaining bias tape, find the center and match it to the center bottom of the bib.  Pin in place on the front side all around the curve.  Stitch the bias tape around the curve on the front side.

crossover baby bib pattern

Turn the bias tape to the back of the curve and pin around.  The overhanging tape is folded into 4 and pinned too.  Check the length of the neck ties.  I suggest about 12 inches long, so trim if necessary.  Fold in the small ends neatly and press, then repress the folds at the ends.

crossover baby bib pattern

Then stitch from one end of the tape right round to the other, keeping close to the open edge, to form the neck ties and secure the bias tape to the bib.  If you feel confident, use a straight stitch, if not so confident, switch to a zig zag when you get to the bib part to make sure you catch the reverse of the tape.

Give it a final press and you are done.  The second, third, and forth you make will be so much faster now.

crossover baby bib pattern
crossover baby bib pattern

Download the Crossover Baby Bib Pattern

You can download the pattern and instructions for the Crossover Baby Bib from my design account at Payhip.  It’s a PDF file containing both instructions and pattern pieces all in the same file.  Enjoy!

My bundles are coming together now.  So far I’ve made:

Still on the cutting table:

  • Crinkle toy
  • Travel changing mat
  • Diaper bag

But I’m fast running out of time – who knew these things grew so fast!  With 3 to sew for and each of them needing several of some of these projects, I’m over-run…

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