Sew for Easter with Free Patterns and Tutorials for Adorable Projects

Sew for Easter with Free Patterns and Tutorials for Adorable Projects

Check out these cute DIY Easter projects to sew with video or written tutorials.

Easter Projects to sew - like this knit fabric scrap bunny

Hey y’all, today I’m going to share a few projects to sew for Easter. Because at this point in my life I should just own the fact that holidays always take me by surprise, especially those that change dates from year to year, like Easter. By the time I start thinking about Easter baskets, everything is sold out in stores and I have only my fabric stash to turn to. Is it just me? No?

Well if you’re a last minute gift maker like me, I hope this post of Easter sewing projects helps. All but one of these projects has a free pattern, and all but 1 has a video tutorial. Plus they’re mostly very quick sews. And even if I made them at the last minute, they’re all been hits with my kids.

I made a video of some fun projects that you can DIY for Easter. You can check it out below or on YouTube here.

Knit Scrap Fabric Bunnies

DIY Bunny Stuffy with a free plushie pattern to sew from scrap fabric

When my kids were littler, the Easter bunny brought them some kind of stuffed bunny every year, nestled among their Easter eggs. It started because I knitted them some little spring bunnies and they liked them so much they carried them until they were filthy and falling apart. So I sewed each of them a stuffed animal rabbit for the next year using a pattern I made in high school to sew stuffies for my friends. While I made them out of knit fabric for my kids and their cousins, you can make these from woven fabrics too. I remember the ones I sewed in high school were from white flannel. Check out the tutorial and pattern details here.

Woven Fabric Easter Bunny Softie

Sew a Bunny - Scrap fabric rabbit tutorial

Another year, I trying to think of a project to use some fabrics from my friend Melissa’s fabric line. I didn’t want to make quilts or pillows, but it was getting close to Easter again so I started thinking about little rabbit stuffies and came up with this pattern. I love that you can use two fabrics to make the bunny ears for a cute contrast. And this is another project perfect for scrap fabrics. You can check out the video tutorial here.

Bunny Baby Hat

DIY bunny hat - such a cute gift to make for a spring baby!

When my youngest niece was born, I could not stop sewing for her. And since she was still a tiny snuggly newborn for Easter that year, I modified my slouchy beanie pattern by adding bunny ears in the seam allowance of that hat. She was a pastel princess and I can almost smell that baby smell looking at these pictures of her. I only wish I had sewn one of these bunny hats sooner so that we could have pictures of all the babies wearing these for their first Easter. Check out how to make this baby bunny hat here.

Fabric Easter Baskets to Sew

Sew a Fabric Easter Basket that folds flat for storage

I was not kidding when I said I was a procrasti-sewist when it comes to holidays. The story behind these fabric Easter baskets was necessity. My boys got invited to their first Easter egg hunt about a week before Easter. The day before the hunt I realized they didn’t have Easter baskets. Head.palm. So I looked through my fabrics and found some scraps from making these floor pillows. I added some piping and lining and made them baskets, which they have used ever since.

Later, I shot a video to show how you could leave the handle off these baskets and they become great storage bins, as shown below. These can be fun to coordinate with your home decor. The biggest thing I love about both types is that they fold up flat when you’re not using them. So I don’t have to have a bunch of storage space to save Easter baskets from year to year. You can check out the original Easter basket tutorial here, or the updated video here.

Sew a Round Storage Basket - DIY Fabric Bin Tutorial

Sewing an Easter Dress

Little girl in a home sewn polka dotted party dress

Maybe the most common thing to think of when you think about projects to sew for Easter is an Easter dress. And for many years I sewed my niece and later both nieces versions of my Fiesta Frock for holidays. There’s even a free version of the pattern you can get with the instructions here. This dress works great with quilting cotton, so it’s perfect for those pretty florals or fun Easter egg prints you can find for the holidays. You can even make coordinating scrunchies or bows from the scraps to match the dresses.

Easter Vest

Boys wearing holiday vests sewn by mom

And don’t leave out the kids who don’t wear dresses. Boys deserve fancy Easter outfits too! I made these vests for my boys for Christmas, but any holiday is a good holiday for kids to wear vests in my opinion. How cute would these be in seersucker for Easter? That would certainly set an Easter mood. You can get the instructions to sew these vests here.

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