Learn to sew a peasant top pattern for women. This free peasant blouse sewing pattern is easy to make and wear.

How to sew a peasant top with a free sewing pattern for women

Hey y’all, today I’m going to show you how to sew a peasant top pattern. I’m also sharing a free pattern, video tutorial and a couple of variations of this peasant top pattern. It was bound to happen eventually…kind of like the Pillowcase Dress, how to sew a peasant blouse is another of the most searched for and requested tutorials on sewing blogs, including this one.

Belted Women's Peasant Top Pattern - Sew a Peasant Top - Melly Sews

I think peasant blouses are popular because they’re loose and fit a lot of figures without having to do bust adjustments or other fitting. So, today I’m sharing a free pattern for my women’s peasant top. I even used this pattern to make the cropped and off the shoulder version below.

Cropped peasant top pattern

Best Peasant Top Fabrics

Fabrics with a lot of drape work best for this style of top. Otherwise it can look rather tent like. The examples in this post are sewn from cotton voile (white cropped version) rayon challis (red waist length version) and polyester crepe (navy blue version). Stretch fabrics can also work well, just be careful of the weight. Lightweight knits are best. Other suitable fabrics include gauze, lawn, batiste, silk charmeuse, lightweight linen, etc.

The versions of the pattern in this post have an elastic neck. But you can also do a drawstring neck like I did in the blue short sleeve version featured in this Reel (it’s the dark blue geometric print) or elastic shirring like I did in the dress version I made featured in this post.

Woman in a waist length peasant top

Materials to Sew a Peasant Top

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To make your top, you’ll need:

  • 2 yards of 60″ wide fabric. Make it 2 1/2 yards if your fabric is 45″ wide.
  • 1 yard of 1/2″ wide single fold bias tape
  • 1 yard of 3/8″ or 1/4″ inch wide elastic
  • Safety pin or bodkin (affiliate link) to pull the elastic through the casings. Note that while I love my bodkin, mine is too wide to pull through the narrow casing on this pattern. Other bodkin styles might work better.
  • optional – elastic thread (affiliate link)
  • The pdf pattern, see below
Woman in a peasant top and jeans outfit

How to Get the Free Downloadable PDF Pattern

The pattern is in a women’s size 36″ hips. The hip measurement is actually the most important here, since there’s lots of gathering and ease around the bust.  If you need to make the pattern bigger or smaller, check out this post.
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Please note that all my free patterns are licensed for personal use only (no selling items made from this unless you purchase it) and by downloading you are agreeing to this license.

Women's Peasant Top Pattern - Sew a Peasant Top - Melly Sews

How to Sew a Peasant Top Sewing Pattern

To sew your peasant blouse, watch the video below or on YouTube here if it won’t load below for some reason. Or scroll below the video for written instructions.

So, print and cut out your pattern pieces. Need help with printing? Check this post.

In the video above, I used French seam finishes. This post has more details on French seaming.

To assemble the shirt, first pin the front edge of the sleeve piece to the bodice front, right sides together. Repeat with the other sleeve on the other side of the front. Stitch and finish the seams. I used French seams to sew mine.

Step 1 - Women's Peasant Top Pattern - Sew a Peasant Top - Melly Sews
Step 1 finished - Women's Peasant Top Pattern - Sew a Peasant Top - Melly Sews

Then pin the back sleeve edges to the bodice back right sides together. Stitch and finish the seams.

Step 2 - Women's Peasant Top Pattern - Sew a Peasant Top - Melly Sews

Fold the shirt in half, right sides together, matching the underarm seams. Stitch down the sleeve and side seams in one long seam and finish the seams.

Step 3 - Women's Peasant Top Pattern - Sew a Peasant Top - Melly Sews

Unfold bias tape and pin right sides together to the neck edge of the shirt. Start at center back, and fold the short raw edge of the bias tape up 1/4″. Pin around the neckline until you get back to your starting point, fold the bias tape so it meets the fold you made to begin with, and then cut off the excess. Stitch around the neckline in the fold closest to the raw edge.

Step 4 - Women's Peasant Top Pattern - Sew a Peasant Top - Melly Sews
Close up of step 4 - Women's Peasant Top Pattern - Sew a Peasant Top - Melly Sews

Turn the bias tape to the inside of the neckline and press. Stitch as close as possible to the free edge of the tape to secure it in place.

Step 5 - Women's Peasant Top Pattern - Sew a Peasant Top - Melly Sews

Cut 23 -26″ of elastic – the longer your elastic, the lower cut and/or wider in the shoulders your shirt will hang. Thread the elastic through the casing made by the bias tape.


Hem the bottom and sleeves by folding fabric to the wrong side 1/4″ twice.

To gather the sleeves, you can either sew in a bias tape casing like you did for the neckline, or use elastic thread. If you choose to do a casing, sew 1″ from the sleeve hems. If you want to use elastic thread, wind it on your bobbin (hand wind if you have a side loading bobbin, machine wind if you have a drop in bobbin) and use a long stitch length, then sew 2-3 rows 1/2″ in from the sleeve hem. This post shows how you shirr with elastic thread if you’ve never done it before.



  • Peasant tops often look best with a belt.  So you look like you have a waist. You can play with both skinny and wide belts, but definitely try one
  • Since this top has a lot of volume, keep the bottoms slim. Skinny jeans, leggings, a pencil skirt – all of these work well with a peasant top.
  • Play with sleeve length. Since we’re going into fall, I wanted an elbow sleeve, but short or long sleeves can also look nice. You might not even want to gather the sleeves – bell sleeves in both long and short lengths can be fun too.
  • If you’re up for it, you can even try wearing this top off the shoulder. Opt for longer elastic if that’s your plan.
  • Consider adding a  placket – you can do it like this tutorial, and then add a drawstring instead of elastic to tie it in front. You don’t even have to do buttonholes if you make the placket fairly short.
  • But please, please, don’t add ruffles to the neckline. You run the risk of looking clownish. Especially if the ruffles are wide.
Red print peasant blouse and custom embroidered jeans outfit
Women's Peasant Top Pattern - Sew a Peasant Top - Melly Sews

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