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Don’t ever pay top dollar for a travel pillow again!

I was taking a flight recently and during a short stopover before boarding the long overnight flight across the Atlantic, I realized that I had forgotten my trusty travel pillow on the plane.  That old pillow definitely helps me get some rest when sitting upright for hours and hours in economy. 

Well, I decided I just couldn’t deal with an overnight flight without a travel pillow so I went to the gift shop to purchase one.  And holy smokes, it was almost $30 for a simple pillow!

I resolved to figure out how much these pillows actually cost to make and to find some good patterns so I could make my own when I got home.

Well, it turns out that these travel pillows are quite easy to make and cheap too.  It will only cost a couple of dollars of materials if you don’t already have what you need in your stash –which you probably do.

In any case, I wanted to share the long list of free travel pillow sewing patterns that I was able to put together so you can save money too and travel more comfortably on your next trip.

Want something a bit different from a standard travel pillow?

Here’s one of our designs for a comfortable road trip car pillow.  

Comfortable road trip car pillow

Travel Pillow Sewing Patterns Roundup

Here’s a huge list of some of the best free travel pillow sewing patterns I could find on the internet. I’m sure you’ll love them. Hover over the picture to show the title, click to open, or right-click and open in a new tab to keep this page open too. And don’t forget to pin it.

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