camisole sewing patterns

Do you like camisoles?

Well, I do.  I received a lot of requests a few weeks back for a camisole pattern.  We didn’t have one on the site at the time and it seemed like something we should have.  So I started my research to make a new pattern.  

What I often do is to take a look around and see what designs others have done to see if there is something I can improve or innovate on.  It turns out that there really aren’t that many camisole sewing patterns out there.

In any case, I’ve collected a list of the best ones I could find and as I often do, I figure I might as well share them with you.

I did do my own pattern for So Sew Easy, which I linked below which was very popular when we published it a couple of weeks ago.  

camisole sewing patterns

Here’s my camisole sewing pattern

After all the research, this was the pattern I designed.  I hope you like it.

Camisole Sewing Patterns Roundup

Here’s a list of some of the best camisole sewing patterns I could find on the internet. I’m sure you’ll love them. Hover over the picture to show the title, click to open, or right-click and open in a new tab to keep this page open too. And don’t forget to pin it.

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