Choosing the Pattern and Design that Suits Your Body Type

Sewing Your Own Wedding Dress

Let’s be real. All bride-to-be’s see this beautiful dress with such a sophisticated design and we imagine we can wear it for the big day. But no! Wedding dresses are really pretty, but not everybody can wear all designs that we see. So if you are going to make your own wedding dress, consider your body type. A tight-hugging wedding dress might not look good on you, so you can opt for another design that flatters your shape and in which you can easily move around and not have trouble dancing during your wedding party.

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Be Realistic: The Simpler, the Better

Sewing Your Own Wedding Dress

If you are going to make your own wedding dress, choose a simple yet elegant design. You must anticipate the activities that will come your way before the wedding day. So choose a design that you are you can finish at least 2 weeks before your big day.

Consider Your Wedding Location and Probable Weather On Your Wedding Day

Sewing Your Own Wedding Dress

Are you getting married on a beach? Or in a garden? Consider your wedding location and probable weather during the wedding day. Plan ahead, check the location to suit your dress’ length, design, and fabric. This keeps you from being stressed and uncomfortable in what you wear. Your wedding is a special day, so you better be all smiles the whole day.

Choose the Best Bridal Fabric

Sewing Your Own Wedding Dress

You will be the one wearing the dress you are going to sew, and your wedding day would be a long one. After the ceremonies, dining, and party after that, you got to be super comfortable in what you wear. And the fabric that you choose for your dress would be a big factor to its comfort. Bear in mind that you are going to sew the wedding dress so you have to make sure that the fabric is easy to handle, durable, and light enough to give your dress that elegant look.

Have Several Sketches of Your Wedding Dress

Sewing Your Own Wedding Dress

Don’t stick to just one dress sketch. Experiment in every angle of the dress and consider everything that would make your sewing easy and stress-free. Also, having several dress sketches allows you to draw different changes on different sketches so as not to confuse you when you decide to make it final.

Create a Muslin Mock-up

You don’t want to cut your precious wedding dress fabric the wrong way. To prevent this, you must create a muslin mock-up dress so you can “fit and test” the dress and do adjustments. It is always wise to not cut your fabric right away because remember, you have invested in buying that for your wedding dress. So a “trial dress” or popularly known as muslin mockup dress is always a good idea.

Consider Using Embellishments

A simple wedding dress doesn’t mean it has to be “plainly boring” Consider using some embellishments on some parts of the dress. See to it that the embellishments suit your dress design and it doesn’t ruin the fabric for your dress. Beware of embellishments that irritate your skin when you rub yourself into it. You wouldn’t like a red scratch on your arm or leg on your very special day.

Compare Material Costs

Sewing Your Own Wedding Dress

You decided to sew your own wedding dress because of many reasons.

Some of the reasons might be:

  1. You really want to do it yourself
  2. You are an expert in doing it
  3. You are on a tight budget

If you are sewing your own wedding dress because of the 3rd reason, might as well compare costs wisely. Do not just go inside a textile store or in a mall and immediately buy the first item you see. Try to look around and compare costs according to your chosen designs. It is very helpful to write down the different costs of the materials per store that you visit so that when it is time to decide, you have a reference for doing so.

Decide on Any Changes

sewing your own wedding dress

If you have finished the muslin mock-up dress, fit it and look at yourself carefully in the mirror from all angles. If you want to change something, whether it’s something in the design or the size, or the length of the dress, write all your ideas down and decide what you really want to see in your final wedding dress.


Sewing Your Own Wedding Dress

Even if you have given yourself a lot of time allowance to finish the dress, you must be ahead of it to avoid stress. Always stick to your timeline in sewing the dress and placing the embellishments, if any. It is always helpful to have a checklist along with the date that you plan to do it. Never, never trust the feeling that your wedding day is too far or the feeling that you only have to do finishing touches to your wedding dress. You will never know what might happen so better yet, be always on time, if not ahead of your sewing schedule.

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